Chance for clarification on EU-level missed for meat denominations
23 October 2020
Chance for clarification on EU-level missed for meat denominations
In today’s European Parliament (EP) vote on the Single Common Market Organisation, there was also via rejection of different amendments a decision taken regarding the use of meat denominations. It means in the end status quo so the chance for clarification for a harmonised handling was missed. The European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV) would have preferred EU-harmonised protection of meat denominations as a cow is a cow – a pig is a pig – and meat is meat – it could have been that simple.
In today’s vote of European Parliament on the Single Common Market Organisation, the amendments aiming at regulating meat/vegetarian denominations have been rejected.
The European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV) would have preferred the foreseen EU-harmonised protection for meat denominations, nevertheless it takes note of the decision of the European Parliament of keeping the status quo that allows Member States to regulate the issue at national level.
Meat denominations are deeply rooted in our cultural heritage. Bacon, Ham, Carpaccio, Steak, Filet, Chops and Salami are all traditional denominations that have been shaped over time but the tradition may differ by Member States. Due to the decision, UECBV encourages its members to look for a fair recognition of meat denominations at national level.
Plant-based imitations and their denominations raise fundamental questions about consumer information without misleading.
For the European livestock sector this is not a fight against, but a call for the rightful acknowledgement and respect for their products and the work of millions of European farmers and livestock and meat sector workers. They keep our rural areas alive while providing our citizens with quality meat products, enjoyed and consumed by all generations as part of the European culinary heritage and balanced diet.
After that vote of the plenary, the legal process will continue and the different handling at national level keeps on - UECBV counts on the fair use handling meat sale denomination for a future approach.

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