UECBV / 2020 AGM - F2F Position Paper - adopted / Press release
23 November 2020
Europe’s livestock and meat trades sector is a key player in F2F
The Union of European livestock and meat trades (UECBV) adopted yesterday at its AGM a clear position as a key actor of the Farm-to-Fork (F2F) strategy. While welcoming the European Commission’s ambition to make the European food sector the global front-runner in terms of sustainability, the organisation published its position paper: “Europe’s meat is already recognised as a world leader in terms of safety and quality. The European meat sector has the same ambition for sustainability”, said Karsten Maier, Secretary General.
The EU meat sector is already on its way to significant achievements in terms of the F2F strategy: the use of antibiotics has already been sharply reduced; animal welfare has steadily been improving; green house gas (GHG) emissions have been significantly lowered.
The position published yesterday is an introduction to the strategy, which the sector intends to develop further:
1. Mitigating the impact of meat on the environment & role of meat in healthy diets
2. Enhancing the role of the meat industry in the communication with consumers
3. Recognising the many services the livestock and meat sector render to society
4. Highlighting the resilience of EU livestock and meat sector
5. Discussing the tax treatment of our products
6. Promoting the global transition
7. Discussing Animal Welfare
8. Promoting the economic and social value of the EU meat sector
9. Calling for a harmonised EU approach to not disturb the internal market, and
10. Making the UECBV fully available to cooperate with the EU.
The European meat sector is deeply committed to significantly raising harmonised sustainability standards in the EU, without punishing the front-runners. It also seeks a fair and balanced approach across sectors of the economy, as well as accuracy and balance in the dialogue on this important EU initiative.

For the pdf: Click HERE
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Note to the editors (boiler plate):
The UECBV represents the interests of Europe’s livestock traders and meat companies at EU and international level. It aims for a healthy competition and sustainable growth in a balanced legal framework.

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