The project titled “Global solutions for slaughterhouses, meat processing plants and phytosanitary sector: treatment of category 3 animal wastes and production of high value products with biopesticide” (APTAR) is an European project funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Program focused in the development of research interesting for Associations of SMEs.
Launched in January 2009 for three years, the APTAR project aims at developing a technique consisting in processing animal by-products (ABPs) into material with high added value that can be used in agronomy (fertilizing substances and pesticides).
The project, supported by a budget of EUR 3 million, involves SME associations, meat and phytosanitary SMEs, teams of researchers/experts in biotechnology and agriculture from four countries i.e. Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, France. The principle rests upon enzymatic hydrolysis of by-products after grinding. At this stage, the study relates to Category 3 by-products.

Please find here-after the link to the Minutes of the closing event: APTAR Closing Event 22 May 2012 Minutes

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