In July 2017, the consortium Water2REturn coordinated by BIOAZUL launched a new project that will demonstrate the technological and economic viability of recovering and recycling nutrients from slaughterhouse residues, transforming them in to high value products with a wide range of agricultural applications.
In an increasingly robust EU circular economy, nutrients and bio-stimulants coming from livestock represent a significant added value; W2R is an initiative which aims to promote the use of nitrate and phosphate compounds recovered from the livestock value chain as organic fertiliser. In addition, an innovative fermentative process involving the hydrolysation of the sludge will allow the production of biostimultants. This process is complemented by proven technologies such as biological aeration systems, membrane technologies, anaerobic processes for bio-methane production and algal technologies, all of which are combined in an integrated monitoring control tool that will improve the quality of data on nutrient flows. The project promotes synergies between food production and sustainable agriculture, and proposes innovative business models which will open up new market opportunities for European industries and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Using the experience of research centres, universities and private sector stakeholders, the coalition will help provide European society with a concrete solution to reduce livestock sector waste, in particular at slaughterhouse level.

Water2Return is a consortium made up of 15 members.  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 - Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) - Grant Agreement N°: 730398 .

Structure of the consortium: 
  • Bioazul S.L. (BIOAZUL), ES - CoordinatorUniversity of Seville (USE), ES
  • University of Cadiz (UCA), ES
  • Foundation Centre for the New Water Technologies (CENTA), ES
  • Agroindustrial Kimitec (KIMITEC), ES
  • AlgEn, Algal Technology Centre, d.o.o. (ALGEN), SL
  • University of Ljubljana (UL), SL
  • Slorom Srl (SLOROM), RO
  • Enco Consulting Srl (ENCO), IT
  • 2B Srl (2B), IT
  • European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV), BE
  • Isitec GmbH (ISITEC), DEExergy Ltd (EXERGY), UK

  • To learn more: water2return.eu

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